Planning Application For New Secondary School Approved - Video Explains

Today, Central Bedfordshire Council approved a planning application to build a new secondary school close to the present Leisure Centre in Parkside Drive, Houghton Regis.

Councillors did raise matters of concern. This included the speed of traffic on Parkside Drive and a desire for more safety measures which may be built into the conditions around the agreement for building the school.

Cllr Pat Hamill said he was sorry for those who didn't want it positioned where it was. He acknowledged there were issues with pylons going across the site which limited the new buildings from being built more to the eastern end. And the problem of knocking the old school down while keeping it open as the new school was built meant it couldn't be on that part of the Kingsland site.

Cllr Hamill, Tithe Farm ward CBC and Development Management Committee member, welcomed the news this afternoon, posting to his Facebook Page, “New secondary education build has finally been given the go ahead after years of disappointment. 
“Our children will finally receive the facilities which will assist with their studies. It's a proud moment for the town and we need this kind of investment to continue if CBC are serious about their commitment to our town.”

The meeting had been held over from Wednesday the 13th as other applications had held up proceedings.