Council Set to Develop Land at Windsor Drive

  • Green open space in Houghton Regis at Windsor Drive is being considered for housing development by Central Bedfordshire Council. 

The news of the Council's intention to build on the site came in the Housing Revenue Account report to the Executive Committee of Central Bedfordshire Council on Tuesday, 5th January 2021. Particulars of the proposed development were discussed at the meeting and can be heard in this discussion:

The HRA report specifically mentions Windsor Drive, a couple of times (see quotes below). The report states that the site is in the 'Parkside estate', and Cllr Susan Goodchild commented during the meeting that it is in the ward she represents, Houghton Hall.

“59. The other large site, that is new to the programme, is land at Windsor Drive in Houghton Regis.  This is a substantial area of green space within the Parkside estate.  At this early stage of feasibility and site assessment a development of 100 homes is being considered, which will allow significant open space to be retained and enhanced, yielding significant local benefits.  The intention is to incorporate local space improvements and wider linked benefits locally.  Careful consideration will be given to the best type of housing and tenure mix.  An expenditure of £20.6M is proposed, with potential HE funding of £2.5M, to leave net spend of £18.1M. Due to the anticipated consultation and master-planning exercise, start on site is not anticipated until 2023; the majority of spend is shown in years 3-4 of the MTFP.”

“60. The approach to the development of land at Windsor Drive will begin with a Planning-for-real type event, similar to the approach that was taken for the development of All Saints View, as a means to engage the community in a process aimed at benefits optimisation, as a genuine Place-shaping opportunity. That process will begin during the spring of 2021 and will be designed to maximise opportunities for local people to say how best the land should be developed to deliver both affordable housing and to enhance the amenity space. ”


  • The Town Council at one time had aspirations of building a sports pavilion at Windsor Drive to better facilitate the provision of sports fields in Houghton Regis.

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