Police and Crime Commissioner distributes £6m and seeks your views on council tax police funding

  • PCC commends Bedfordshire Police for outstanding resilience and dedication after distributing 6 million pounds to support the county through this year's pandemic. And if you have time, please consider sharing your views on police funding.

Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Kathryn Holloway, has commended the outstanding work of Bedfordshire Police and partners in the face of an unprecedented year in her Christmas message to the force as she marked £6m of funding those working with her office to support communities and victims of crime.

The £6m has included funding from the Special Grant from the Home Office, funding from the Ministry of Justice, Bedfordshire’s Violence and Exploitation Reduction Unit (VERU) and the Home Office’s Safer Streets Campaign. 

“In response to the pandemic, Bedfordshire Police has responded quickly to changing government legislation and guidance, while minimising enforcement wherever possible, and has supported communities across the county as policing style had to adapt to these national changes, ensuring the people of Bedfordshire have been looked after and kept safe.

“Across the force, all teams of officers and staff together with the volunteer police service the Special Constabulary and all other volunteers have worked closely together to maintain a high level of service, frequently working in challenging and difficult conditions and this is particularly true of our officers who have had an unprecedented year of success in cracking down on serious organised crime, pandemic or no pandemic.

“The most recent operational highlight happened just last Thursday (17 December) when around 180 officers and staff were involved in raids on nine addresses, resulting in eight arrests and the seizure of almost £100,000 in cash after a 2am briefing. This is what the public don’t see but what effective ‘visible’ policing actually looks like,” said Commissioner Holloway.

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