Why You Need to Research Buying An Intruder Alarm

  • If you are considering the installation of a burglar alarm system at your property, the Bedfordshire Police Crime Reduction Team are urging people to research the best product and deal for their requirements. Alarm systems are not “one size fits all”.
Intruder alarm systems in the UK have to conform to European Standards BS EN50131 series. EN50131 defines four grades of Intruder alarm system, Grade 4 being the highest. The grade is measured by how resilient the alarm system is to attacks by intruders and other outside influences. All components of the system are graded, including the control panel, motion detectors (PIRs) and signalling equipment.
Whilst most installers will design a system using components of the same grade, it may sometimes be appropriate to mix grades of components. However, the overall system will be graded of that of the lowest graded component. Residential installations will typically require a Grade 1 or 2 with larger homes falling into Grade 3. Most commercial premises will require a Grade 2 or 3 alarm system.
Always get 3 quotes and remember you have the right to a cooling off period, particularly important if you feel you have been pressured to sign a finance agreement.
Also remember to ask the supplier if their products are Secured By Design accredited.
Never take a company that cold calls you at face value - if you were not looking to improve home security, ask yourself why would you buy from a door-to-door salesperson?
Word of mouth recommendations are great but we strongly advise checking if the company has the proper accreditations first. They should be registered with the National Security Inspectorate (nsi.org.uk) and/or the Security Systems & Alarms Inspection Board (ssaib.org). Both these organisations offer an search facility on their websites to find a local accredited installation company.
You can also find Trading Standards approved installers at www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk but be aware they may not be registered with the NSI or SSAIB.
Crime Reduction Team – Bedfordshire Police
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Lara Curtayne (Crime Reduction Officer, Community Safety, Bedfordshire Police)