Whipsnade Zoo Will Be Forced to Close on 5 November

  • Whipsnade Zoo has said that is devastated by the news that it must close ZSL Whipsnade Zoo again on Thursday due to the COVID-19 pandemic measures being put in place by the UK Government.

A spokesperson for the Zoo wrote, "While we understand this national action is necessary to curb the spread of coronavirus, it adds a huge burden to an incredibly tough year for us. Our focus throughout has always been keeping our animals happy and well cared for, and knowing we would be able to share the joy of the zoo with visitors again.

“But once more we will need to shoulder the costs for the food and care of our 20,000 animals with no way to generate income for ourselves.

“We have spent the last day digesting this difficult news and working out the next steps to make sure all our visitors are looked after. Thanks for your patience while we did this, here is what you need to know:
- If you have a TICKET BOOKED during the forthcoming closure (Nov 5 – Dec 2) we will contact you before Thursday, and swap your ticket for a flexi-ticket that can be used anytime for a full year once we re-open.
- If you have an ANIMAL EXPERIENCE BOOKED during the forthcoming closure (Nov 5 – Dec 2), we will contact you as soon as possible to rearrange a new date. We will contact people in order of the date they had booked, in order to re-book people as fairly as possible.
- If you have MEET SANTA tickets for November dates we will contact you to arrange a refund or rebook you if we can (spaces for December are currently sold out, so we are looking at whether additional slots can be safely added).
- We will be in touch with OUR MEMBERS, PATRONS AND FELLOWS directly with a personal message from our Director General so please look out for an email in the coming days.

“Finally, thank you – many of you have already reached out with kind words of support and that has been really appreciated at this challenging time.” 

  • If you want to do anything further to help the zoo through the next month we would welcome donations of any size to help feed and care for our animals: zsl.org/donate ❤️ #YourZoosNeedYou

“Don’t let London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo go extinct”
Sir David Attenborough