Recommendation that East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust Is Placed in Special Measures

  • The Chief Inspector of Hospitals has recommended that East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust be placed into special measures.

The Care Quality Commissions report states, 

“Our rating of the trust remains the same as the previous inspection because:
This was a focused inspection and we did not inspect any core services. We did not inspect all of the key lines of enquiry as our concerns were related to specific risks. This means that the previous ratings for our 2019 inspection remain.
Well-led rating remains as inadequate. The level of enforcement we undertook to ensure people’s safety means that the rating for well-led would have been limited to inadequate had we been rating on this occasion.
On the basis of this inspection, the Chief Inspector of Hospitals has recommended that the trust be placed into special measures.”

In it's summary of findings, the report says:
“• The trust must undertake a review of systems in place to protect staff and patients from inappropriate behaviours including sexual harassment and sexual assault. (Regulation 17).
• The trust must incorporate the findings of its review into inappropriate behaviours including sexual harassment and sexual assault into its systems to protect staff and patients. (Regulation 17).
• The trust must implement a system to ensure there are effective processes in place to manage concerns, grievances and disciplinaries. (Regulation 17).
• The trust must ensure there are oversight and governance arrangements in place for all action plans. (Regulation 17).
• The trust must ensure there are oversight and governance arrangements in place in relation to human resources processed for job matching evaluations and job descriptions. (Regulation 17).
• The trust must ensure that there are oversight and governance arrangements in place to ensure that complaints are appropriately investigated and identified as possible serious incidents. (Regulation 16).
• The trust must make significant improvements to address long-standing concerns with bullying and harassment within the organisation. (Regulation 17).”

Read the full report 

The Trust has responded (30 September 2020):
Statement in response to CQC inspection report

“Today’s Care Quality Commission report is clear that the Trust has not addressed some long-standing concerns around culture, leadership and governance. The Trust’s executive team absolutely recognise the seriousness of the concerns raised by the CQC, and have set out to improve the organisation’s culture, strengthen safeguarding, and tackle inappropriate behaviour, as urgent priorities.

“Since the inspection during June and July this summer, the Trust has:
  • updated safeguarding policies; now using new procedures to record, manage and audit concerns
  • increased support and mentoring for staff raising concerns and clearer routes for mental health support identified;
  • introduced more robust complaints procedures to ensure effective investigations and lessons are learned systematically.
“During the next month the Trust will:
  • increase the visibility of the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian and encourage staff to speak up
  • introduce campaigns to encourage positive cultural change and behaviour
  • survey all staff on their experience of the Trust’s culture including inappropriate behaviour.
The Chair of the East of England Ambulance Service, Nicola Scrivings said, “Today’s report calls out where we need to improve and we will now do everything possible, as fast as possible, to make the improvements required.

“We are working closely with the CQC, NHS colleagues and other partners to take action right now to address these concerns and put this right for the long-term.

“The trust aims to provide outstanding quality of care and performance for patients and be an exceptional place to work, volunteer and learn. In a message to staff today, the executive team has again reinforced its commitment to listen to and support anyone who raises concerns.

“It is clear from the CQC staff survey that the majority of staff at the Trust are proud to work for EEAST. The role of the leaders is to make sure every member of the team feels that pride, with the support and culture they deserve.”



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