CBC Draft Proposals Confirms The Need to Replace Houghton Regis Leisure Centre

  • Central Bedfordshire Council has identified the need to replace Houghton Regis leisure centre.
  • Council now seeks your views over leisure facilities and on being active.

Central Bedfordshire Council is consulting residents, businesses and organisations over its draft leisure facilities and physical activity strategies.

Among the draft proposals are:
  • 'a new swimming pool in Houghton Regis, with a 25m x 8 lane main pool, plus a teaching/ learner pool of 17m x 10m. The new pool is modelled to open in 2023, and on the same site as the existing Houghton Regis Leisure  Centre and the existing centre would close.' 
  • 'opening a new 6 badminton court sized sports hall in Houghton Regis in 2023, at the Kingsland site.' 
  • The  Council are already engaged with  Sport  England,  adopting this approach towards the potential re-development of Houghton Regis. 
On being more active, the consultation documentation points to the Council's redevelopment and investment in Houghton Hall Park.

Draft consultation papers say that the main funding delivery mechanisms are likely to be, Council funding, including the use of capital,  use of capital receipts from the sale of assets, and contributions from the new home developers through S106 agreements.

Cllr Ian Dalgarno, Executive Member for Community Services said, “We all know that being active every day is important for everyone, at every age. It’s essential for overall health, cuts down the risks associated with excess weight, diabetes, and heart disease and has a positive effect on other conditions including mental health.

“Being active is not just about sport and gym sessions it takes in things as diverse as gardening, housework and taking country walks.

“We want every member of our community to have the opportunity to take part in a way they choose, making physical activity part of everyday life. To do that we need to know what types of activity people took part in before and after lockdown and what barriers stop them from being active.

“We also need to know what changes and where and when we need to make them to our leisure centres so they maintain and enhance their role as community hubs.

“Our aim is to ensure they are flexible spaces which can react to changing needs and support people with both exercise and less formal physical activities. They have a vital role to play in helping people maintain their physical and mental health, and build resistance to, and recover from, COVID-19.

“We are also planning for future housing growth and so we need to ensure our indoor leisure centre facilities keep pace with growing demand. The draft leisure facilities strategy details how and where we need centres to meet residents’ needs, in line with our Local Plan.”

“Based on the facilities assessment work we have identified the need to replace both Houghton Regis and Leighton-Linslade leisure centres.

The evidence confirms the need to ensure that as new schools are built, their sports halls should include community access out of school hours. 

Have Your Say

  • Leisure facilities strategy consultation closes: 22 November 2020
  • Physical activity strategy consultation closes: 6 December 2020

If you wish to have your say on these and other proposals please visit CBC sports consultation website.