Salvation Army Fundraising

Normally at this time of year, Salvation Army (SA) members, friends and volunteers, would be knocking on doors around the country, standing on the High Street, outside supermarkets and railway stations, asking people to give towards their public, annual ‘Big Collection’. 

100% of the funds raised from the SA's public and street collecting go directly to help people in need - people who are homeless and older people and the funds also support their Family Tracing Service, their employment services, their drug addiction and rehabilitation services and so much more.
To keep everyone safe this year, SA are looking at different ways of raising funds in the communities where they work. However, the help that The Salvation Army gives, carries on and is needed more than ever. One example of this wonderful work is Jack’s story. 
Jack became homeless after his wife died and he had a complete breakdown. Sleeping rough, he lost all hope and self-respect. But when he was referred to one of The Salvation Army’s Lifehouse's (their residential centres for homeless people) the SA helped him turn his life around. The SA's team of staff and volunteers welcomed him as a friend and helped him rebuild his self-confidence. Now he’s training for a vocational qualification so that he can get back into work and will be supported all the way. 
The annual Big Collection makes a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people like Jack. That’s why they are hoping that you will continue to support them and the services they provide. These are hard times for very many people. They desperately need everyone's help.  
If you’d like to support the SA work in a different way, by taking part in a virtual event such as a run or bike challenge, visit their virtual fundraising page