First Meeting of Chief Constable's New Advisory Panel

A new independent panel which will advise Bedfordshire's Chief Constable has met for the first time.

The eight members of the new advisory panel met with Chief Constable Garry Forsyth on Tuesday 8 September, to provide independent views on major cultural and strategic decisions facing policing in Bedfordshire.

The panel heard Mr Forsyth outline his vision for the organisation and discussed topics such as recruitment and improving the force’s diversity.

The panel is due to meet quarterly and will build on a number of other existing forums already in place to provide transparency and accountability for the Bedfordshire force.

Mr Forsyth said, “This panel will provide us with advice, support and guidance around the critical issues that we are facing as an organisation. We had a good discussion, and it was incredibly useful to have those conversations with a really wide cross-section of our communities here in Bedfordshire.

“It is imperative that we get opinions and insight from our community members, who can scrutinise our work and improve our efforts to fight crime and keep people safe.

“I am fully committed to continuing to make Bedfordshire Police fully accountable, transparent and accessible to people right across the county.”

Bedfordshire Police already run an independent advisory group for the wider force, as well as specific community scrutiny panels in areas such as stop and search and use of force. 

Panel member Lila Begum said, “The diversity, skills and knowledge amongst the panel are very rich. This opportunity will enable me to contribute further as I always have both the community and Bedfordshire Police's interest at heart."