Council Goes Into Private Session to Discuss new CBC Chief Executive's Renumeration

  • Following an extensive recruitment process, Central Bedfordshire Council has confirmed the appointment of its new Chief Executive, Marcel Coiffait.

Cllr James Jamieson moved a motion 'to seek approval of the appointment of a Chief Executive (Head of Paid Service) for Central Bedfordshire Council, in accordance with the recommendation of the Appointment Sub Committee.'

1.approve the recommendation of the Appointments Sub-Committee held on Monday 21 September 2020 to appoint Marcel Coiffait to the post of Chief Executive (Head of Paid Service) of Central Bedfordshire Council;

2.note the constitutional requirement that the Head of Paid Service is also the Council’s Returning Officer and Electoral Registration Officer; and

3.appoint the Democratic Services Manager, Brian Dunleavy, as the Deputy Electoral Registration Officer.

Cllr Snelling (Liberal Democrats) seconded the motion.

Cllr Baker (Independent) asked if the remuneration package* could be revealed as he thought his residents would be interested. Cllr Ryan (Labour) also wanted to pose the same question. There was then a suggestion made that the meeting went into private session to discuss this matter. Going into private session was then voted on. 45 voted for the private session; 6 voted against; 3 abstained. The Council meeting then went into a private session.

Currently the Director of Place and Communities at the Council, Marcel will take on the new role, later this year when Richard Carr is due to stand down from the role he’s held since 2009.

Marcel Coiffait

In response to the Council’s decision making on the appointment, Marcel said, “It’s an honour and privilege to be appointed to this role. I am very proud of what Central Bedfordshire Council has already achieved with our strong track record as a Council which has vastly improved customer satisfaction in local services and value for money.  We also have residents who rate the area as a great place to be.   I look forward to working with Members, partners, residents and staff to build on its proud legacy and to see Central Bedfordshire deliver its ambition to be the very best place to live and work”.

Leader of the Council, Cllr James Jamieson, added, “We were fortunate enough to attract an excellent field of applicants for this crucial role, which will be pivotal in ensuring we move from being a good council to being a truly great one.  We are delighted that Marcel has accepted this challenge and have every confidence that his experience, personal drive and evident commitment to public service will create a successful environment for our future progress”.

  • *A public report for the meeting stated that “...a formal interview [took place] with the Appointment Sub-Committee on 21 September 2020, when the Appointments Sub-Committee considered all aspects of the selection process against the criteria for the role and decided to recommend to full Council the appointment of Marcel Coiffaitat a salary of £170,000 per annum.”