Supermarket Responds to Criticism that Shelves & Fridges were Empty

Morrisons supermarket in Houghton Regis has responded to complaints that fresh food stocks were depleted and freezers were empty. The complaints were made on a popular public Facebook Group.

The Houghton Regis store is located in a residential area and does have restrictions on the times when lorries can make morning deliveries to the store. 
Writing on the Facebook Group, 'Houghton Regis ......Whats Occurring in our Community???' Laura Donovan, a Logistics Supervisor at Rank Xerox, started off by writing, on Saturday 1st August,

 “Don’t know what’s going on at Morrison’s lately but these past two weeks replenishment of fresh foods is just not happening. This morning at about 10.15am there was no fresh salad products & very little fresh veg. I am not blaming the floor staff as there was a lot of them trying to replenish but it was obvious to me that someone/somewhere in management got it wrong with delivery expectations. I’m sure it’s difficult but if you shop in the 4th largest supermarket then I’m sorry but I at least expect to be able to cook either a roast dinner or a salad. Having said all that may I say Thank You to the staff on the shop floor, they are brilliant.”

This sparked further comments from others who agreed, with the sentiments including,

Jackie Louise Adams, “I've experienced the same for a few weeks now. I now go over to do my shopping at Morrisons in Leighton Buzzard shop. Shelves are always full and its a lot more friendly. I'm fortunate that I drive and have this choice. Its the only supermarket in Houghton Regis and its very disappointing. I feel for the elderly.”

Another, “Morrison’s in Houghton Regis is the worst supermarket I have ever had the misfortune to visit. It’s all down to poor management”.

Rita Egan icily commented, “Freezers were empty too.”

Zoe Kelman wrote, “Worst Morrison’s I’ve ever been to. Since I’ve moved to Houghton I have no choice but to shop there but lately I’ve been having to go to some of the Nisa’s and more expensive shops just to get what I need. The shelves are almost always empty or have stock that’s almost out of date on the shelves!!”

Vanessa Stagg wrote, “Same here never any stock been visiting the pizza counter for the last few Fridays not always open they told me last week they had run out of cheese. Another time the counter had been closed because they had no bases. When I spoke to one of the lady managers I said I was so cross because it was only 5 o'clock and the counter was closed 😢 she couldn't give me an answer”

Michelle Herber commented, “Was next to nothing fruit, salad or veg and no semi-skimmed milk either Thursday morn either. Shelves are frequently empty even first thing in the morn. I expected going into a major supermarket, shelves to be stocked ready for days business trade. One box strawberries back crate that were manky and out of date. If you order Morrisons online it is NOT picked in the store it comes direct from Morrisons warehouse so rarely get substitute items and tends be fresher goods.”

In a statement issued on 4 August to Houghton Regis News Desk, Morrisons responded,

"Our store is in a residential area and our delivery times are restricted. When our lorries arrive in the morning, we endeavour to get food out onto our shelves as quickly as we can for our customers. 

"Over the weekend one of our fridges broke down in the hot weather and we apologise for any inconvenience that this caused for our customers." 


  1. what a load of old twoddle! We have have had many other supermarkets in Houghton Regis, Gateway, Netto, Fine Fare, Waitrose to name but a few, all in the exact same area, these supermarkets managed to maintain a plentiful supply of stock to fill their shelves & keep their customers happy, logistics seems to be a get out excuse! Awful place to shop!

  2. Excuses from Morrisons again. The lack of stock in Houghton Regis has been a problem for a couple of years now, as has the sale of out of date or close to date products. But the store has been in the same residential area for a lot longer than that. I have heard people complaining about the same things all over the country with Morrisons. Add to that the thousands of people who had all of their Morrisons More rewards points emptied from their accounts, only for Morrisons to deny all knowledge of a breach and then have the bare faced cheek to try and shift the blame to the very customers that pay their wages, and a lot are now coming to the conclusion that Morrisons simply don't deserve out loyalty of income as customers. So may other supermarkets do it all so much better. If anyone is interested, Go to BBC iPlayer and view episode 6 of Rip Off Britain dated 13-07-20 for more info.


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