M1 J11A HGV Driver Jailed After Striking a People Carrier

More than four years in prison for HGV driver involved in fatal collision

A lorry driver has been sentenced to more than four years in prison after his HGV struck a people carrier on the M1, causing the death of one of the passengers. 

Wojciech Bukowski, 65, from Poland, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to one count of causing death by dangerous driving and four counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. He was today (Wednesday) sentenced to four years and eight months behind bars. 

At approximately 3.15pm on Sunday 1 December, Bukowski’s heavy goods vehicle struck a blue Kia Sedona people carrier on the southbound carriageway of the M1 at junction 11a in Bedfordshire. The driver of the Kia had pulled over to the inside lane as the vehicle was experiencing mechanical difficulties. 

Emergency services attended and Zahid Ahmed, 19, from North London, who was sat in the nearside rear passenger seat, was pronounced dead at the scene. Four of the other passengers were left with serious injuries and the driver suffered minor injuries. Bukowski was unhurt in the collision.

The injured men were Ayush Akaria, 20, who suffered a traumatic brain injury and fractured skull; Shajhi Shivan, 22, who suffered a bleed to the brain and spinal injury; Shezan Mohammed, 27, who almost had to have a leg amputated; and Mohammed Bhamia, 20, who suffered a broken right femur and lung damage.

Bukowski was also handed four 18-month sentences for each count of causing serious injury by dangerous driving, which will each run concurrently alongside his longer sentence. 

His Honour Judge Bishop said: “No sentence I can pass can turn the clock back, nor any amount of a sentence bring back what has been lost.

Detective Constable Ben Amondsen, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire Road and our own Policing Unit, said: “This was an extremely sad incident that could have been avoided, had Bukowski been paying attention to the road. 

“I can’t stress enough the importance of paying due care and attention when driving, especially on motorways where it is all too easy to get distracted. You are in charge of a large and enormously powerful machine, so not being aware of what is happening around you can lead to potentially tragic consequences.  

“Unfortunately, careless driving is one of the biggest causes of deaths on our roads and I hope that today’s sentencing can help Mr Ahmed’s family get the closure they need, as well as the other victims and families of those who have been involved in this terrible tragedy.”

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