Linmere — AMP3 Consultations

The Linmere developments are taking another step forward with the proposed development of a tranche of land beside the Woodside Link, to the east of Houghton Regis.

The overview contains three potential 'walking/cycling' routes between the Bellcross development site and AMP2, but no main vehicular route. Previous plans showed that potentially a large supermarket site would be included, but the new document indicates only a local centre. Also included are a hotel, a pub, and a primary school.

Initial feedback was provided by readers of our Facebook Page. You can read those here.

These included concerns for a secondary school, although CBC are working on new plans for a secondary school at the nearby Kingsland site.

There are concerns around access to the Bellcross site. Alan Winter, “If I Iived on the Houghton Park estate, I would be concerned as to how a future development on the Bellcross Homes site was going to have access. Potential walking and cycling connections from AMP3 into the Bellcross zone will mean traffic being forced to go down CONQUEST ROAD.”

You can find out more by visiting this link where you can download consultation documents.

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