High Staff Sickness Level at Houghton Regis Town Council

A report to the Personnel Committee of Houghton Regis Town Council shows that staff sickness levels have been quite high for the past 15 months.

The report covers the 15 month period from April 2019 to June 2020. It shows a total of 388 sick leave days.

For the period April 2019 to March 2020 office staff had 152 sick leave days, an average of 15.2 days per member of staff. In the same period, the grounds staff clocked up 138 sick leave days, an average of 19.7 days per member of staff.

And in the past three months, April to June 2020 there has been 66 days sickness among office staff, an average of 6.6 days per office staff member. The grounds staff have racked up 33 days sickness from April to June 2020, averaging 5.5 days per staff member. 

The reasons for the sickness are not disclosed in the report.

Also to be discussed is that staff annual leave is allowed to accumulate and be taken in a future year as staff were not booking holidays as normal through the work-from-home COVID-19 pandemic.

Councillors will discuss this report at their virtual meeting on 13 July 2020. Any parishioner wishing to attend the virtual meeting should apply to louise.senior@... by 3pm on the day of the meeting which starts at 6pm. The agenda can be downloaded from Houghton Regis Town Council website

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