Be Vigilant Against Any Unsolicited Scams

Unsolicited scams are popping up all over the place and we are encouraging you to share this information with your elderly and vulnerable family and neighbours.
In June Beds Police dealt with two incidents where a person had contacted a victim and claimed to be a detective investigating their bank and claimed that the people working in the bank are part of the scam.
The victim is then told to go and withdraw money from the bank and is encouraged to lie to bank staff about the reasons for the withdrawal. Once the money has been obtained the victim will be contacted again, the fake detective will then declare the cash is forged and arrange for a courier to come and collect the money from the victim.
We are urging you not to act on any demands from these calls and instead report it to Action Fraud, our online reporting centre, or by calling 101.

Here are some tips which can help you spot a fraudulent message. 

Police will NEVER ask you to make payments using Amazon Gift Cards or PayPal AND never ask you  to withdraw cash. And they will never ask you to move your funds to a different account for safety reasons.

Always remember that you should NOT reveal your full password or login details to anyone who asks you over the phone and definitely not in an email.

For most up to date news on recent fraud and scam trends, visit Action Fraud.

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