Flexible School Starts Warmly Welcomed by Local MP

South West Bedfordshire MP Andrew Selous has warmly welcomed the Government’s decision today to allow primary, lower and middle schools the flexibility to invite back an additional year group if they want to. The Government guidance released today states,

“Where schools have the capacity, they may choose to welcome back additional pupils. It is up to schools to decide which pupils to prioritise, based on their knowledge of their children and communities. They may choose to welcome back pupils in another year group. Where middle schools choose to invite year 8 pupils back, they should be confident they can manage this within the strict measures we have asked primary schools to adopt (including no more than 15 in a class, and consistency of these groups).”

Andrew Selous said “I am delighted that the Government has given headteachers this flexibility. A number of teachers and parents have written to me asking for this flexibility, particularly in respect of the three tier schools and I am very pleased that this additional flexibility has been granted. I very much look forward to schools being able to welcome all children back as soon as it is safe to do so.”

Andrew Selous, Member of Parliament for SW Bedfordshire

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