Pictures: Bedford Road's New Roundabout - A Work in Progress

Pictures taken this weekend show the progress being made to construct a new roundabout on the B5120, Bedford Road, Houghton Regis, at the junction with Thorn Road.

Thorn Road was closed officially from 27th August 2018. The road is not due to reopen until 31 July 2020.

The work is required infrastructure to help manage anticipated traffic flows for an additional 1,850 homes being constructed as 'HRN2' at Bidwell and Thorn in Houghton Regis, Central Bedfordshire. A range of other Highway works are also to be done to help Bedford Road through this period and beyond specifically in connection with the HRN2 outline planning permission. 

A number of other developments, separate to HRN2, have, and will be making further improvements to ensure there is continued safety along Bedford Road.

In this report we're focusing specifically at the works that 'HRN2' will bring to Bedford Road.

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Photos credit M Murphy & Richard Norris / Houghton Regis News Desk.

Roundabout joining Thorn Rd.  
Vertical scaffolding in background belonging to new housing site of Taylor Wimpey.

Looking west inline with new culvert

New culvert where Ouzel Brook goes under Bedford Rd just south of new roundabout 

Remains of Bidwell Spinney on left.

Looking towards new roundabout with Thorn Rd.

B5120 Bedford Road closure, entrance to Rugby Club would be off to right.

Entrance to HRN2 from Bedford Rd. (marked as new entrance on diagram below)

Bedford Road, footpath to serve HRN2, mid picture bus stop, yellow blocks entrance, trees south of Bidwell Farm. (see point 7 below - new footways)

DRUFC is on the left, top right is Thorn Rd, middle right is a new road into a cul-de-sac development piece.

Looking south down Bedford Rd towards the new roundabout. Thorn Road off to the right.

Along with the roundabout, other works are due to be done on Bedford Road, if they have not already been done, as part of the planning agreements for Houghton Regis North Development 2 (Bidwell West). These other works include:

1. Traffic calming on Bedford Road at two points as indicated below.
2. Bus Stop Upgrade.
3. Bedford Road Crossing Point to link with footpath 10/4 and footpath 45 (see footpath diagram below)  at a point close to the current concrete path to Bluewaters Woodland.
4. A new roundabout at Thorn Road junction and footway on the eastern side of Bedford Road
5. A new footway from Thorn road junction north to FP14. FP14 runs from south of Calcutt Farm eastwards parallel to the Ouzel Brook.
6. A scheme is required to include Toucan Crossing of Bedford Road to link to HRN1.
7. A new footway from Thorn Road junction and footway on the eastern side of Bedford Road.
8.&9. are references to Thorn Road.
10. Crossing point of Thorn Road at Icknield Way (FP4 and FP40)

Enlarge this map if necessary. This map is adapted from S106 agreement for the HRN2 outline planning permission, 18th November 2015. Explore the planning agreement in more detail here.

Many of the new developments have old footpaths running through their sites and most of these have had to be closed up during development. Following completion, some of them will be upgraded or diverted to follow new roads or new green walkways, and a scheme of public art will also follow to enhance the area and to provide interest for walkers.

Footpaths designated in this area - Explore footpaths here

This report: Words and diagrams Alan Winter, Photos Mike Murphy & Richard Norris. Houghton Regis Planning Applications is a Facebook Group where local planning applications are discussed.

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