If You Have CV Symptoms Do Not Come to the L&D Hospital

23 March 2020 - Information from L&D Hospital to the Public

The L&D Hospital in Luton today issued this notice:

Please do not come to the hospital if you have either a high temperature, or a dry continuous cough, or if anyone you live with is displaying these symptoms. Please stay indoors and avoid contact with others. Use the online NHS 111. Call NHS 111 if you need to speak to someone.

You can find more guidance on Coronavirus at www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Advice to patients and visitors

Our advice to patients and visitors may change on a daily basis so for regular updates please check our website, and our social media accounts on Facebook @LandDHospital and Twitter @LandDHospital.

Visiting patients in hospital

In light of new guidance from the government around social distancing, and to protect our patients and staff, we have changed our Visitors policy.

No visiting is allowed on any of our wards, with the exception of those visiting patients who are at the end of their life – please check with the ward concerned.

There are also exceptions in our Maternity and Children’s departments. You will be told if an exception applies to you.

We have set up a dedicated Inpatient Next of Kin helpline for family members who want to check up on their loved ones – please nominate one family member to call the main switchboard – 01582 491166 and ask to be put through to the team.

Information for patients with appointments

We are not cancelling routine outpatient clinics so please attend your appointment as normal.

However we will keep this under daily review so please check our website regularly for updates. (A very few number of high risk patient groups will have their outpatient appointment deferred or replaced with a telephone consultation, but they will be contacted about this.)

PALS office

The PALS office (Patient Advice and Liaison Service is temporarily closed to visitors. However you can still contact them by phoning 01582 497990, emailing PALS@ldh.nhs.uk, or by filling in this form.


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