£5 Billion For Bus And Cycling Services

The Government has announced “a much-needed boost” of £5 billion for bus and cycling services.

The money aims to overhaul bus and cycle links for every region outside London and promises simpler fares, thousands of new buses, improved routes and higher frequencies.

This will include at least 4,000 new zero-emission buses, new priority schemes so buses avoid congested routes and services in the evenings and at weekends, and more ‘turn up and go’ routes, where people will not have to rely on timetables to plan journeys.

The Local Government Association said it was pleased the Government was investing in bus and cycling provision.

Details of the five-year funding package will be announced in the upcoming National Bus Strategy, to be published later this year.

The proposed cycling improvements include more than 250 miles of new cycle routes and safe junctions in towns and cities, designed to tough new safety standards, plus new ‘Mini-Holland’ schemes. These will see pilots of low-traffic neighbourhoods where the Government will work with councils to reduce lorry traffic and make side streets safer to walk, cycle and play in.

This announcement follows the allocation of a £170 million fund to improve bus services and make journeys greener. As part of this, local areas will be invited to apply to become Britain’s first fully electric bus town – receiving up to £50 million to make the switch.

Cllr David Renard, the LGA’s Transport Spokesman, said: “We are pleased the Government has pledged a much-needed boost in funding for bus and cycling services.

“Councils want to work with the Government to improve bus provision, which can be a lifeline for older and vulnerable residents, and play a key role in tackling congestion and reducing greenhouse gases.”

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