Your Council Tax 2020/21

20 February 2020 20:50 - Councillors at tonight's CBC Council meeting approved a Council Tax Resolution which means that the following council tax rates for 2020/21 will apply. The meeting was broadcast live at 6.30pm 20 February 2020 by CBC Webcasting, and will be available later on that link once the webcast has concluded.

The budget also includes the application of an Adult Social Care precept, which will see a 2% increase in Council Tax specifically to fund adult care services and an increase of 1.95% to contribute towards funding of other services.

Anyone wishing to follow the meeting can find the documents for the meeting online at CBC website.

Council Tax requirement for Central Bedfordshire Council’s own purposes for 2020/21(excluding Parish precepts) is calculated as £163,999,578.  Town and Parishes raise money from council tax to pay for such things as events, public grounds maintenance, sports pitches, wages and salaries of its employees, offices and public buildings, grants which it uses to help charities and organisations in its area. As can be seen in these charts, some parishes have so few homes they have no need to raise funds in addition to the Central Bedfordshire Council funds. View here to see the parish rates for all parishes. 

All Council tax, taking into consideration CBC, Police, Fire and Rescue, and Parish Councils (see all parishes here):

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