Storey Homes Building Plans for 109 Homes at Bidwell

Following the 2015 Outline Application CB/15/00297/OUT for up to 1,850 residential dwellings, Storey Homes have submitted their details for 109 of those homes on a plot west of Bedford Road.


Registration (Validation) Date: 20 / 02 / 2020
Consultation Start Date: 20 / 02 / 2020
Earliest Decision Date (Consultation Period Expires): 25 / 03 / 2020
Target Date for Decision: 21 / 05 / 2020

HRN2 Scheme

The bigger application also includes outline plans for 2-forms-of-entry Primary School, employment land, local centre comprising retail and community/leisure uses, the layout of public open spaces including sports pitches and changing rooms, natural wildlife areas and all associated works and operations including engineering operations and earthworks.

Storey Homes 

Storey Homes was established in 2003 and remains a family-owned property developer based in Milton Keynes. They are creating unique developments throughout Milton Keynes and across the Northern Home Counties, aiming to offer well designed and exceptionally built properties that are appreciated and treasured by our homeowners.

Homes are finished to a high specification and depending on the timing of a reservation, can offer opportunities to buy off-plan, allowing personalisation to a new home to individual requirements.

Storey in Houghton Regis

The application site has been used for arable farming for the foreseeable past and lies outside the Houghton Regis Conservation Area.

Of the 109 new residential dwellings in this application, 33 (30%) of these will be affordable. This will include market and affordable housing, access, car parking, associated works, open space and landscaping. Homes will vary from 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms and be not more than 2 storeys high. The affordable homes would be placed amongst the other homes and will be tenure blind in appearance.

The homes will be built to a design code that respects the materials and features that reflect and respect Bidwell's local context. The design is of a low density set within an attractive landscape setting of open space and green corridors, and have an attractive outlook and frontage on to open space. From Bedford Road, there would be a continuous and consistent building frontage from the
main site access.

Site location in Bidwell, Houghton Regis
With reference to existing house styles and colour schemes in the area, a range of homes are being proposed for the site. The homes would be accessed from Bedford Road from a new main stem route.

In terms of location to outline planned facilities, the site would be a short walk along the line of the Ouzel Brook to playing fields, school and a local centre.
From the Design and Access statement: “Each area has been specially considered to avoid any residual and unused spaces that may become neglected and encourage anti-social activity. The design of the scheme follows the contextual research carried out as part of our analysis. Key vistas have been recognised with positive termination of views providing interest and variation around the scheme, this includes the use of dual aspect ‘corner-turning’ plot“. Most of what you want to know will be found in the D&A Statement.

Full details of the application can be found at the CBC planning portal and search for CB/20/00626/RM or jump directly to the details at this link. Houghton Regis News Desk Planning Applications group is a Facebook group that discusses planning matters. Public comments on the application can be emailed to quoting the application number 20/00626/RM.