Details of 153 Homes for Linmere AMP1 Parcel 3 Revealed

Bellway Homes have submitted a reserved matters planning application showing their details for 153 new dwellings northeast of Tithe Farm - technically Parcel 3 Phase 1 Linmere Houghton Regis North 1.

Outline permission was secured under planning application for HRN1 which was for up to 5,150 homes and associated works under the 2012 application number CB/12/03613/OUT.

This application is to provide a range of property types:

Illustrative View of part of the site looking towards Sundon Road and Yew Street, Houghton Regis

Parcel 3 is located at the centre of the Phase 1 development area. It comprises three principal development blocks arranged from the north to the south. The parcel is bounded to the north by the future ‘Main Street’ running east to west through the heart of the development area. To the east, it interfaces with further residential development parcels, located in part across a north-south ‘Green Corridor’.To the south, the parcel interfaces with Sundon Road which is subjected to improvements as part of the Linmere site which includes new access at this point. The west of the site overlooks three distinctive land uses, which from the north comprise: Proposed Local Centre; Proposed Primary School: and an existing residential area located off Hillborough Crescent (Yew Street and Thornhill Close).

The design of the buildings meets a strict code. see document  .
A summary of key criteria are identified below:
• To respond to the regulating plans developed at the masterplan stage;
• To sensitively address the existing residential properties to the south-west of the southern development block;
• Provide development that will positively address and face out onto the distinctive site frontages;
• Provision of marker buildings to encourage legibility and wayfinding within and around the site;
• Delivery of much needed affordable and market sale housing;
• The layout and design to take account of the integration of appropriate sustainable measures;
• Consideration of the pre-designed swale to the north of the southern development block;

The site has been designed with pedestrians in mind, footway connections will be provided to the future Green Corridor.

The Main Street will run from Sundon Road roundabout westbound through the site, and will eventually connect to the B5120. This street will serve as part of the bus route and will also be the main distribution road and vehicular access into the site. Adjacent the Local Centre. Verges are provided on both sides of the street and the building line is brought closer to the tree-lined avenue to signify arrival into the Local Centre.

School Road is a Secondary Street which accommodates the bus route past the proposed primary school. This is envisaged as a pedestrian and cycle-friendly route running north-west between Sundon Road and the Main Street. School Road offers a direct route to the Main Street for buses, pedestrians and cyclists through the Local Centre. Cars and other vehicles have to take a more circuitous route to encourage the use of the Main Street and discourage rat-running.

Park Street will be a strategic cycle route through the site from east to west in Area 1, utilising a mixture of quiet roads and dedicated off-road routes. Within the parks an unbounded shared 4m wide route will be provided, comprising 2m for pedestrians and 2m cyclists. Where the strategic cycle route uses the secondary streets and access roads the carriageway will be 6m wide.

Illustrative view of Sundon Road frontage, find more illustrative views here

More illustrative views and full documentation is available at the CBC Planning portal.

More Information

  • The Design and Access Statements contains most of what people will want to know about this proposed development. 

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