Update on the Red House

Tony Keaveney, Assistant Director of Housing at Central Bedfordshire Council, met with the Houghton Regis Heritage Society Trustees* on Monday 27th January and gave an update on the refurbishment of the Red House** beside The Green in Houghton Regis town centre.

The following has been done:

•       Roof trusses installed and framing to dormer windows to main roof and trusses installed to rear single-storey extension
•       Both main roof and single-storey extension felt & battened
•       Roof tiles being installed to the main roof and rear extension
•       Lightning protection installed to the building
•       Structural works completed to building
•       Ground floor ceilings plasterboard installed and skimmed
•       Lime mortar plaster being applied to walls and skimmed with Heritage lime plaster
•       Brickwork repairs continuing to different areas
•       1st fix electrics completed
•       Insulation to main loft being installed as a warm roof construction
•       Repointing to chimney and replacement chimney pots
•       New double skin flue liners installed to fireplaces
•       Ongoing lime mortar repoint to building
•       Planned completion date March

Mr  Keaveney spoke of the future use of the Red House. He said that the Red House project was integrated with All Saints View and will be connected to it. There is very little space in the Red House. He said that CBC wanted as much public access to the Red House as possible, but had not yet made any decisions.

The Red House prior to tarpaulins being erected over the roof

There will be a History Wall in All Saints View and other space that can be used for example as a gallery to display artwork. CBC will not let any particular group define the space but will work with them and in particular the Heritage Society*** . However, he said that it will not be used for staff space.

Trustees  - Houghton Regis Heritage Society Trustees are elected for a three year term at their AGM.  This year's AGM will be Thursday 27 February (to be confirmed).  Download Constitution.

** The Red House is owned by Central Bedfordshire Council and has no Trustees.

*** Houghton Regis Heritage Society will be working with CBC to ensure that the space is used for the community. Contact the HRHS here.

Houghton Regis Heritage Society is a Charity Registered in England No 1174720

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