Town Council sets a 2% Increase in Council Tax

Houghton Regis Town Council tonight (20 January) set its council tax precept for 2020/2021.

Cllr David Jones proposed a budget that would mean a 2% increase in the Town Council's share of council tax. £35,000 would be removed from new office budget, although it would remain an important feature of the Council's budget. Cllr Morgan praised Cllr Jones tremendous work on the budget and although he would have liked to have seen a larger increase was happy to support the 2% proposed increase.

Cllr David Abbott thought projections on staff salaries was some £30,000 more than necessary, and suggested an adjustment to the budget accordingly. He therefore proposed  a precept of £886,822. That was voted on, but only 2 voted in favour of that.

Cllr Jones budget was substantially approved by other councillors.

To check Council Tax rates for 2019/20 see this on CBC website.

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