How Safe You Feel In Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire Police are thanking everyone who took part in their survey and told them your thoughts about how safe you feel in Bedfordshire. 1,805 people responded, with more than half of you saying you felt safe.

There were certain areas highlighted where people say they don't feel particularly safe, but  police would like to assure you they are working hard to tackle the issues mentioned, such as burglary and drug and knife crime using a partnership approach in key towns across the county.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has set up a new Violence and Exploitation Reduction Unit (VERU), through a Home Office grant, which brings together organisations including police, local authorities, health, the county’s two youth offending services, community leaders and other key partners to disrupt and prevent serious violence, especially among young people.

The VERU aims to build a network of key people, with grant-funded involvement from communities themselves, to tackle the root causes of young people getting involved in violence.

Bdds Police have always said that they cannot end these issues alone. Enforcement has to be balanced with diversion from gang activity in the first place and support for those who’ve been lured in and want to leave.

Only by working with their partners can they do this and the VERU is about working in partnership to take action, to tackle these issues and make our communities in Bedfordshire a safer place.

The Boson team works with communities and partners to tackle gang criminality which includes gun and drug related crime. Last year Boson secured around 150 years in prison sentences for offenders, and has a range of tactics in place to disrupt and pursue some of the county’s most dangerous offenders.

The team also works to help prevent gang, gun and drug crime. They run proactive patrols across the county to look for vehicles and individuals that have been involved in gang related or violent incidents, drug dealing and general suspicious behaviour, and seek disruption opportunities wherever possible.

Last year alone just under 400 firearms and 5,000 knives were taken off the streets and destroyed, while offenders linked to organised crime were sentenced to more than 200 years in prison.

Another team is dedicated to tackling burglary, called Operation Maze, which identifies areas that are frequently targeted, those with short-term spikes and key offending patterns.

The work of Op Maze has resulted in disrupting key burglars who spent Christmas behind bars, and will be there for some time.

You can also keep up-to-date with all the activities of local policing teams in areas, such as Luton, Flitwick, Bedford and Leighton Buzzard, by following the community policing accounts.

For those who mentioned the low-breathalysing rates during the festive period, there were dedicated drink drive operations  where police say they breathalysed 148 motorists  resulting in 12 arrests. These were targeted operations on specific dates. They carried out further breathalysing initiatives through the Beds, Herts and Cambs tri-force Roads Policing Team, but currently those figures are not broken down into the different force areas. Between the three forces a further 559 were breathalysed and 20 arrests were made.

Beds Police are also boosting police officer numbers through a new recruitment campaign, the largest seen in years. The increase in police officer numbers will aim to help Bedfordshire communities to feel safer.

For further details see, where you can also find out about opportunities to join or volunteer with the force.


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