CBC's Fees for Adult Social Care: Have Your Say on Proposed Changes to Funding

Our Unitary Authority, Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC), is reviewing how they charge for adult social care. You are invited to have your say on these proposals. Below, we highlight the main points.

Means testing. Some people don’t pay anything, and CBC pick up all of the cost; some people pay a contribution and some people pay for all of their care and these people are known as self-funders.

The demand for adult social care is increasing along with the cost of providing these services. 

National principles mean that the charging policy has to be financially sustainable for the council in the long-term. 

Fees and charges
CBC are proposing some changes to the fees and charges for adult social care.
For people who pay for all their own care who choose to ask CBC to continue to manage these arrangements on their behalf. A fee is proposed for this service at £174 per annum to cover administration costs.

For people who choose to pay for their care and support themselves, one off payments are currently paid without assessment. CBC are proposing to financially assess people who receive one-off direct payments. Some people who have sufficient money may no longer be eligible for a one-off direct payment, if they are a self-funder.

Pet Care
A duty of pet care exists when a person goes into care or hospital. Currently CBC do not charge when a pet is taken into care which may happen if a friend or relative is unavailable. The proposal is that the charges will be recovered.

Minimum Income Guarantee
CBC are proposing to reduce the minimum income guarantee to the amount set by central government. Currently, the limit set by CBC is higher than that. This means that
a) people of working age could see their charges increased by between £1.56 and £4.11 per week
b) people over pension age could see their charges increased by between £12.95 and £16.50 per week

Attendance Allowance and Disability Living Allowance. 
The proposed change here could increase the charges for people who currently receive the higher rate of Attendance Allowance or Disability Living Allowance by up to £28.95 per week.

Disability-related expenditure. 
Currently, disability-related expenditure is considered to a maximum of £15 per week. The new cap would be £29 per week.

Residential Care
When someone goes into a care home, CBC can agree a deferred payment, which means they will get the costs back for the person being in a care home, once the person’s property has been sold. The proposal is to introduce an interim funding agreement for those people who are in the process of arranging a deferred payment agreement. It is thought, with associated fees that this is fairer and helps CBC recover its costs.

Property Disregard. 
At the moment if someone moves into a care home permanently and has less than £23,250 in savings, CBC must not include the value of their home in their financial assessment for 12 weeks (this is called the 12-week property disregard period). The revised policy proposes to apply the 12-week disregard when someone first goes into a care home on a permanent basis, rather than when they ask for support to pay their care fees.

Read more details about all these proposals at

Have your say on these proposed changes at 
Consultation closes: 20 April 2020

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