Concern For Safety Over Parking on School Zig Zags

A local councillor and driving instructor is frustrated by drivers who park outside Tithe Farm Primary School on the Zig Zag Lines.

Cllr Pat Hamill told News Desk, “I would like to ask those who park here irresponsibly to think not only of the safety of your children but also of those children whose parents unselfishly park away from school frontage, so all can cross safely.  I will be asking that parking enforcement is increased around schools as a priority.”

Signs near the school advise no stopping on entrance markings.

Signposts in the area.

Ask The Police is a website set up to answer questions on policing. It says, “Whilst it is not normally an offence in itself to park on the zigzag lines, drivers who do park there could commit an offence of causing an obstruction. In some areas the zigzag lines are accompanied by a traffic regulation order which does make it an offence to park there. There will be signs to indicate this at the location. In some areas the provisions in relation to zigzag lines will be enforced by the local council, whilst in others they will be enforced by the police.”

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