Urgent Health Advice from NHS 111 - Now Available Online


Since its launch, the NHS 111 telephone service has provided urgent health advice to tens of thousands of people in our region. To make the service even more accessible, an online version of NHS 111 is now available across Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes.

Accessible on smart phones, laptops and other digital devices, the online service is free and easy to use. By logging on to the NHS 111 website, anyone with a medical problem can quickly get advice on what NHS service they might need and how urgently.

After establishing that your condition is not an emergency, you are asked to input your main symptom, for example “headache” or “swollen knee”. A digital search system then returns a list of health conditions that best match that symptom.

On selecting the most appropriate condition, a series of questions with multiple choice answers will appear on the screen that have been carefully designed to assess your health. Healthcare advice will then be provided based on the answers given.

This can include self-care, visiting a pharmacist, making an appointment at a GP practice or with an out of hours GP service. If needed, you will be offered the option of receiving a call-back from an appropriately trained medical professional.

NHS 111 online is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is often quicker than the phone service. So the next time you’re feeling unwell and not sure what to do, log on to www.111.nhs.uk

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