Q & A on Linmere Development

I'm ever aware that residents have concerns about the development work going on around the town and so I put a number of questions to the consultants for the Linmere Development. This covers the land being developed between Bidwell, the A5 dual carriageway, the M1, edge of Lewsey Farm, edge of Parkside (excluding the Bellcross proposal), edge of Tithe Farm. Below are their responses.

Sundon Road is currently closed while a new road is constructed.

Who will construct AMP1 houses? 
The houses will be built in phases. We anticipate that there will be a number of different housebuilders working on AMP1  and in turn the rest of the site. (AMP1 is the area to the northeast of Tithe Farm)

When will AMP1 and AMP2 build out start?
The initial infrastructure works for AMP1 have already commenced. At present it is our intention that the construction of homes on AMP1 will commence in the spring of next year. The Visitor Centre is likely to be first construction on AMP2 which is intended to start in the second half of next year.

When will primary school building start?
Whilst Linmere will provide a serviced parcel for the school, the delivery of the primary school, and the timetable for this rests with CBC.

Any change on timing of S106 payments for education?
No, the payments will be made based on a series of trigger points based on occupancy as laid out in the S106.

The S106 Agreements can be found on the CBC planning website:
S106 Agreement - Part 1 (545688).pdf
S106 Agreement - Part 2 (545695).pdf
S106 Agreement - Part 3 (550739).pdf

Any statement of intentions on stores / supermarkets for Linmere?
There is a local centre located in AMP1 which could contain a small retail offer. AMP2 includes the provision of a standard size supermarket and associated parking.

Any communications with bus companies on their routes?
Discussion with local bus services providers are ongoing.

Solar power? Alternative energy? Any ideas on this?
At present there are no plans for solar power to be provided onsite. However you will appreciate that given the build out of the whole site is likely to be 10-15 years this could change in the future.

Linmere.com is the website for the development. CB/12/03613 is the outline plan for Linmere and includes 5150 homes, associated works, and infrastructure.

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