PCSO Rachel Puts Herself In Harms Way To Protect Domestic Abuse Victim

A Leighton Buzzard PCSO has been recognised for putting herself in harm’s way to protect a victim of domestic abuse after an incident in the town.

On Saturday 16 November, PCSO Rachel Carne was on patrol in the town centre when she heard a radio call for a domestic assault. Knowing the incident was nearby, she quickly put herself in harm’s way while the response was in transit.

Rachel stepped in to safeguard the victim, get them to a place of safety and stayed to protect them from further harm.

The offender was becoming increasingly violent and attempted to forcibly enter the property, but was blocked by Rachel who held the door firmly shut, turned on her bodycam and provided updates to responding officers.

Once officers were on scene, the offender was detained and taken to custody. He has been released on bail while the investigation continues with the force’s dedicated Emerald team.

Community Inspector Craig Gurr said: “As a PCSO, it is not expected for you to put yourself in such danger but Rachel did so, going above and beyond with no backup. Her dedication has prevented something potentially very nasty.

“Without Rachel’s bravery and quick thinking it is likely the victim would have come to more harm and distress.

“PCSOs do not often deal with high conflict situations as they are more involved with communities and taking preventative measures against crimes and criminal activity. Rachel put the victim first as she knew she was close by to help.”

Reflecting on the incident, Rachel said: “It’s not often that we attend high conflict situations, but I was nearby and attended to try to diffuse the situation. On arrival, I could see the victim was in a lot of distress and that I needed to step in and help.

“Officers were nearby so I did what I could to protect the victim from coming to more harm until they arrived.”

PCSOs are a vital asset to the community and to Bedfordshire Police. They are able to understand their community, provide reassurance and gather intelligence that can be used in wider operations.

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