Upper Thorn Green Development - 160 Homes

A Reserved Matters application will be discussed at Houghton Regis Town Council Planning Committee on 21 October 2019. 

Following Outline CB/15/00297/OUT (1850 dwellings and mixed class use) this new application looks at matters for access, landscaping, layout and scale for 160 dwellings on phase CA2 at Upper Thorn Green. The plots being considered are outlined in yellow below.

The Design and Access submission for this application states that the application site consists of four irregular shaped land parcels, approximately 7.4 hectares (18.3 acres) in size, which are located approximately  1½ kilometres north of  Houghton  Regis town centre.

View from Upper Thorn Green towards Houghton Regis Chalk Pit

The site is predominantly arable land and is generally flat with a gentle south-east facing slope. Access is currently taken from Thorn Road which leads into the site from Bedford Road.  The new A5-M1 Link Road runs to the north of the Bidwell West development and is linked to the site via Bedford Road & Thorn Road.

Thorn Road, where the development will take place
Recent land preparation

The existing Thorn Road will be integrated into the highway layout and access to the individual parcels will be formed. Homes should be in the range of 30-35 dwellings per hectare.

The red boundary of this development with the indicative streets to be laid out on current agricultural land
Existing nearby cottages - Berry Corner Farm - just outside this reserved matters application area
A new pedestrian crossing is proposed for Thorn Road, along with some new trees, pedestrian and cycle routes.

While Bidwell Spinney is included in the application zone, no new building is proposed for the site where trees were cut down.

A range of 2 bedroom flats, 2 bedroom, houses, 3 bedroom houses, and 4 bedroom houses are proposed.

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