Top Tips For Van Owners

A Crime Reduction Officer has put together some top tips for van owners as the Force continues to receive reports of break-ins to vans in the southern area of Bedfordshire.

With dark nights upon us some of these tips could prove invaluable to van owners.

Top Tips

Leaving items on show is an invitation - please don't do it. Remember to remove power leads, Sat-Navs, mounts dash cams, wallets, keys, coats and even bags!

Never leave expensive items in your unattended vehicle.

Keys and ignition fobs should be kept safe, out of sight and reach  – a common way to steal a car or van is to take the keys or ignition fob, either when left in the vehicle or from your home through burglary. If your key or fob is fitted with an electronic chip store it in a Faraday pouch.

Always lock and close the windows of your vehicle when unattended. An unlocked vehicle is the easiest to steal from. When away from home, consider using a Park Mark approved car park. See

Use a steering wheel lock – or a lock that fits over the gear lever.  A 'Disklok' is a great example. Check out the Secured by Design web site for further aftermarket ideas.

Fit theft resistant number plate fittings to prevent number plates being stolen (a growing issue). Use one-way clutch head screws to secure your plates.

Don't forget to protect your catalytic converter (cage, engraving) and your spare wheel (locking wheel nuts).

Invest in a driveway alarm when parking at your home address, easy to fit with no DIY skills required.

Alternatively consider fitting a GSM alarm for the vehicle, once the sensor is triggered you receive a text or phone call to your personal mobile phone in real-time.

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Information by
Lesley Johnson 3120
Crime Reduction Officer

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