New Water Main to Disrupt Flow of Traffic on Bedford Road

Updated February 2020.
Anglian Water will be closing Bedford Road soon. Local diversions will be in operation. The work is to install a new sewer pipeline. Anticipated closure is 24th February to 13 March 2020. Local diversions will be in place.

The works by Anglian Water are for Anglian Water are proposing the installation of 2.3km of new water main in order to serve the new developments around Houghton Regis. Directional drilling would be used to install the new main along two private access roads and along the B5120 Bedford Road. The majority of the remainder of the pipeline would be installed using open cut techniques.

Where open cut techniques are used topsoil would be stripped and stored along the route and the excavated material would be reused to backfill the trenches. The total working area would be a maximum of 15 metres in width. The pipeline would be located wholly below ground and the risk of causing flooding elsewhere is not a consideration.

Excerpt of plan. Source

Traffic management measures would be needed to be put in place on Bedford Road to install the pipeline. These are being agreed with the Local Highway Authority which has advised that the works need to be carried out during school holidays in order to minimise the potential for disruption. The works are, therefore, scheduled to take place at Easter 2020. The works are programmed to take 16 weeks in total, commencing in January 2020 (the road section will be done last) but will be completed more quickly if feasible.  Edited February 2020. The works are now scheduled to take place from 24 February to 13 March 2020.

The new rising main will connect into the new pumping station. It will then be routed along the edge of the Houghton Regis North (Site 1) development area in a westerly/southerly direction. The new main will then run along the private access road serving Dunstablians RUFC before connecting with Bedford Road and travelling south. The route then turns west along another private access road before continuing south then west through the Houghton Regis North (Site 2) before connecting to the existing Water Recycling Centre at Thorn.

Further documentation about this proposal can be found here.

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