High Quality Camera Equipment For Anti-Nuisance Bike Scheme

Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Kathryn Holloway, is continuing to support Operation Meteor - the Force’s response to the issue of anti-social riding, nuisance bikes and related criminality - by investing in new high-quality camera equipment to help deter repeat nuisance offenders.

“Sadly, many of our communities in our smaller towns and villages and farmers too have found their lives blighted by the total lack of consideration and damage caused by nuisance motorcycles, quad bikes and even hand bikes. The whole idea of funding this specialist camera gear is to allow Bedfordshire Police officers to capture images to evidential standards to make it easier to prosecute such individuals.

“They don’t just deliver a tap on the wrist. Stolen bikes are easy to identify, as they usually have had the stock or registration details removed, and in these circumstances, they are crushed by Bedfordshire Police,” said the Commissioner.

Problems caused by nuisance motorbikes include general anti-social behaviour, noise, damage caused to road signs and danger to themselves, other road users and pedestrians.

This year, Operation Meteor is looking to reduce the number of offenders and motorcyclists. They aim to do this by developing new strategies to identify and prosecute offenders and create innovative ways to disrupt those responsible. The Force has also invested in brand new off-road police motorcycles and have newly trained off-road police motorcyclists.

The officers who are on the Operation Meteor deployment respond to 101 and 999 calls from the public, with high-visibility patrols aiming to deter potential offenders.

“The Force has been building its capability to deter, disrupt and catch those responsible for nuisance biking, especially off road, where bikes can cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage to crops. I’ve seen for myself evidence of the success of the off-road police bikers in catching those responsible in Dunstable, for example, preventing them from getting away along the busway or bridle pathways out of town.


Video above filmed by Pat Hamill, now Tithe Farm CBC councillor, about 3 years ago. Bike emerges from French's Avenue ignoring the lights.


“The sad fact is that these crimes generally peak during the school holidays and Bedfordshire Police is ready for those who have such a blatant disregard for the safety and property of others,” said Commissioner Holloway.

Constable Andrew Parsons said “Thanks to the PCC, Op Meteor having this new high-quality camera means that we don’t need to get into any form of chase, conflict or confrontation now because we can capture what we need to on the camera.

“From these photos, we can identify known offenders. We then distribute the other images to the intelligence units of other forces to assist in identification as it is well-known that the majority of the offenders come from outside of Bedfordshire. Most commonly, from as far as London and Hemel Hempstead.

“This camera has already been used in the quarries in Sundon and Houghton Regis and is a really good bit of equipment as it has already proven very successful, giving good identification of the bikes.”

“I’m delighted of course that the camera equipment has already proved its worth in Sundon and Houghton Regis and I hope news of the continuing work of Op Meteor and the enhanced off road capability of the Force will send home the message that we will not tolerate this behaviour," said Commissioner Holloway.


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