Recycle Week: This is the year the people of Central Bedfordshire are ‘taking recycling into their own hands’!

In the biggest and best Recycle Week ever, running from 24-30 September, Central Bedfordshire Council is asking residents to take recycling into their own hands and take action to protect our environment.

The year so far has shown that many people have been inspired by Sir David Attenborough’s Our Planet and environmental concerns have never been so important to the nation.

Central Bedfordshire Council hope to capitalise on this heightened awareness by tasking their residents to act and focus on getting their recycling right.

Latest research from Recycle Now reveals that over 60% of UK households are now recycling more than they were a year ago, due to environmental concerns.However, it also revealed that some households continue to place certain plastic items that we can’t accept in their recycling bin.

Thankfully Central Bedfordshire is an area full of dedicated recyclers, but there are still some simple things that we can all do to make our recycling efforts even better, such as:

·   Recycle more of these plastic items: drink bottles, detergent bottles, margarine tubs, yoghurt pots, food trays (but not black plastic ones), food containers, clingfilm, fruit and vegetable punnets, shampoo and skincare bottles. Simply give the items a quick rinse so that they are clean before placing them inside your recycling bin.

·   Make sure these plastics never go in the recycling bin: black plastics, disposable nappies, bubble wrap, plastic/foil tablet blister packs, hard plastics such as CD cases, flowerpots and children’s toys.

What and how we recycle really matters. Recycling an item rather than throwing it in the general rubbish bin means that it will be dealt with in the most environmentally friendly way, keeping materials in use and out of the environment.

Councillor Ian Dalgarno, Executive Member for Community Services, said: “This year it seems the public has taken more notice of the impact on the environment and recycling at home is something everyone can do to help. Here in Central Bedfordshire we want to help people to recycle right and that’s why we’ve produced a short video to show examples of some plastics which can and can’t go in the recycling bin.

“Not only is recycling the right thing to do for environmental reasons, it is also the most cost-effective way of disposing of our waste. Disposing of recycling is cheaper than the cost of disposing of black bin waste.”

To watch the video and for more information about what items you can and can’t recycle from around the home, visit or our waste Facebook page

source: KW, cbc

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