Local Exam Results Are In!

This morning students all over Central Bedfordshire discovered the outcome of studying hard over the last two years.

On a busy day across 10 colleges and sixth forms in Central Bedfordshire, early indications for provisional A-level results show an increase in the average points score per entry across Central Bedfordshire of 1.2 points to 30.96 (C+ grade).

The average score for academic students (which includes those doing extended A-Levels) is 31.06 (C+ grade), up 1.2 points from 2018.

Technical/vocational students’ average score saw a big increase of 9.1 points from last year to 36.51 (Distinction grade).

The average point score per entry for applied general studies saw a 1.9 point increase to 29.1 (average Merit+ grade).

And there have been plenty of individual success stories too. Here's a rou d-up from south west Bedfordshire:

Ten students from All Saints Academy have received a university place and many are pursuing apprenticeships in a vocational setting, for example in the health and leisure sectors.

Kyle Lynch from All Saints Academy achieved the grades he needed to go on to study journalism at university and Amber James has been offered a place at Nottingham University to study Nursing.

A number of successful students secured their university placements from Manshead CE Academy including Courtney Alnaggar and Michael Bordiak. Both achieved an A* and two A grades and are going to study English and History at Nottingham University and Physics at Loughborough University respectively.

A particularly remarkable individual performance at Queensbury Academy was Sam Graham who achieved three impressive A* grades, an A and a B grade.

Cllr Sue Clark, Central Bedfordshire Council’s Executive Member for Families, Education and Children, said: “Congratulations to everyone who collected their A-level results. Sixth form courses are demanding, and students deserve every credit for their achievements. This is an exciting time for them, and they deserve our congratulations and best wishes whatever their next steps.”

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