Parkside Playgrounds Refurbishment Update

Central Bedfordshire Council has been asked for an update to two of their closed playgrounds in Parkside.
1. The playground between Elm Park Close/ Enfield Close / Brentwood Close.
2. The playground between Chelsea Gardens and Bromley Gardens.

The response came on 4 July 2019 in an FOI reply to HRND editor, Alan Winter.

"Both Elm Park Close and Chelsea Gardens were closed to the public on the 15th February 2019 due to safety issues. Both of the play areas have been inspected and repairs conducted when required; unfortunately, it has got to the stage where the cost of repairs due to the age of both the equipment and surfacing and equipment/surfacing not meeting British Standards is not viable and therefore refurbishment of the play areas are required."

"Funding has been secured for the refurbishment of both Elm Park Close and Chelsea Gardens play areas. "

"Elm Park Close and Chelsea Gardens refurbishment Schedule:

  • Invitation to quotation issued 5th July 2019 
  • Deadline for receipt of quotation 16th August 2019 
  • CBC to evaluate quotation responses between 19th August and 13th September 2019 
  • Resident Consultation 3 weeks consultation between 16th September to 4th October 
  • Award of Contract Week commencing 18th October 
  • Target contract commencement date or delivery date Install 6- 10 weeks from week commencing 18th October (once order placed). 
  • Completion anticipated January 2020 
Update 18 July 2019: 
Funding is from:
- Local Authorities Parks Improvement Funding from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.
- Tenant investment panel from Housing revenue account at Central Bedfordshire Council.

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