Search for Houghton Winner of Brand New Car

The winner of a brand new car probably lives in Houghton Regis, but so far the organisers of the event have not been able to identify exactly who is the winner. And the closing date for claims is today.

Raffle tickets for the four-door saloon car were sold at various events in the county in the past 12 months and the buyer's addresses were written on the back. The draw took place last week at a prestigious event in Mags Lane, Bedfordshire, but the address was given on the back of the winning ticket as just "Houghton Regis". The perplexed organisers have appealed to local media to help to try and find the lucky winner.

Albert Ross told HRND, "We chose this Mags Lane for the draw event because it was in the middle of nowhere in particular. Funnily enough, it reminded us of the Bermuda Triangle, and considering what has happened, it might as well have been."

Mags Lane, Bedfordshire

 Dozens of planes and hundreds of ships have met their demise in the Bermuda Triangle. 

Mr Ross continued, "The ticket drawn out first had something scrawled on the back we couldn't decipher, followed by H--ghton Reg-i-. So, I think that means Houghton Regis."

 "Please ask people to check their pockets, wallets, and so on. The winning serial number AP190401 on a Pink ticket, number 104. Unfortunately, if no one comes forward we are bound to auction the car off."

Any claimant can contact this number this morning 01582 872171 and ask for Albert Ross. An alternative number is 01733 233 062.