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Battle For Houghton Regis Town Council

On Thursday 2 May a new Council for Houghton Regis Town will be decided. There are 14 vacancies and 24 candidates . The  Town Council  look after  ground maintenance , the  cemetery , the  upkeep  of  All Saints Church grounds , commenting on  planning application s (but not deciding them), distributing  grants  to good causes and community groups, the  neighbourhood plan ,  some  of the  playgrounds, Moore Park Pavilion, Pavilion on the Green,  have  meetings  with CBC councillors and the police and other community groups, and send representatives to various community organisations. The Town Council  also organises local events ; currently, these include Fireworks at Tithe Farm Recreation ground, Houghton Rocks at Parkside Recreation Ground, The May Fair on the Village Green, the Pancake Race last held in Houghton Hall Park, The Carnival in July, and the Pride of Houghton Annual Awards, A Celebration of Christmas -  singing by school choirs at The Grove Theatre, vari

Houghton Regis: All Your Candidates for CBC

Your Central Bedfordshire Council Candidates: >>> Tithe Farm    >>> Parkside   >>> Houghton Hall Footer Conservative Candidates: Promoted by Sue Howat on behalf of Alan Corkhill, and John Kane of SWBCA. Wentworth house 83 High Street North. Dunstable. Beds. LU6 1JJ. Green Candidates: Promoted by Marc Scheimann for Luton and Bedfordshire Green Party, both at 39a Stockwood Crescent, Luton LU1 3SS Website Labour Candidates: Promoted by Roger Pepworth on behalf of all Dunstable and Houghton Regis Labour Candidates all at 28 Great Northern Road, Dunstable, LU5 4BP.  Labour Manifesto for Central Bedfordshire  and  Website Liberal Democrat Candidates: Promoted by David Jones, on behalf of Liberal Democrats all at 2 Halley's Way, Houghton Regis, LU5 5HY. For manifesto, please see UKIP Candidates: Promoted by Pat Hamill on behalf of Joe Angell and Angela White, 1 Park Avenue, Houghton Reg

2 Parking Spaces for 12 residents and up to 6 members of staff

CBC Approve Application for Change of Use  2 parking Spaces for 12 residents and up to 6 members of staff A change of use from C3 residential dwelling house to C2 residential institution (residential family centre) and extension to rear ground floor bedroom at The Limes, Cumberland Street , LU5 5BW has been approved of by Central Bedfordshire Council despite objections from Houghton Regis Town Council. Cumberland Street is off Queens Street at the southern rear of Morrisons. The facility would provide accommodation for up to 5 families (comprising of up to 4 members). It would serve as a care facility for vulnerable mothers (and sometimes their partners)  who need additional support after having a  child.  The proposal seeks provision for a total of 12  residents, who would stay from between 8  to  20  weeks depending on their care needs. A staff shift system would be in place, with 4 members of staff during the day and 2 members of staff at night time between the hour

HRN1 Archaeology Dig

The Houghton Regis North Site 1 covers 630 acres to the North of Houghton Regis. The scheme is a mixed-use development of up to 5,150 new homes; employment land; 75 hectares of public open space incorporating wildlife corridors, wetland areas, brooks, community gardens and facilities and sports pitches along with 3 primary schools. Works will commence on road construction for the first phase imminently. Part of the initial preparatory works included several archaeological digs onsite on land adjacent to Sundon Road and South of the Sundon Link. The dig took almost six months to complete and finished at the end of February 2019. The findings suggest that the earliest settlers in Houghton Regis on the HRN1 site were likely to be from the Bronze Age, indicated by a series of pits and dispersed burials. The majority of the remains found date back to Iron Age and Roman Periods when the area contained a village and a series of farmsteads, which were linked by trackways through the su

Linmere - The New Name for HRN1 Area Development

HRN1 Development Reaches Major Milestone And Gets An Exciting New Name The HRN1 development to the North of Houghton Regis has reached a major milestone this Spring with work starting on the initial part of the new spine road through the site. The new spine road will provide access to the first phase of development on land to the North of Thornhill Primary School. Now that the development is moving into the construction phase the developer is delighted to announce an exciting new name for the HRN1 site – “Linmere”. Project Director, Nigel Reid said, “We wanted to give the site a name that would celebrate the landscape-led design and quality of the new development, whilst simultaneously retaining strong links with the local community and Houghton Regis. The name Linmere means field of lime trees – a native British species which occur naturally in Houghton Regis. “The ethos of the Linmere masterplan is to create a place where wellbeing is prioritised and outdoor livin

HRN1 Dig Finds Ancient Artefacts

Local schools have been helping to dig up the fields around Houghton Regis. Part of the preparatory works for the massive  HRN1 building scheme included several archaeological digs on land adjacent to Sundon Road and South of the Sundon Link road. The dig took almost six months to complete and finished at the end of February 2019. The findings come from five periods; Bronze Age (4,000 B.C. to 1,200 B.C), indicated by a series of pits and dispersed burials. During the Bronze Age period, everything from weapons to agricultural tools to hairpins was made with bronze (a copper-tin alloy). The  Iron Age (from around 1,500 B.C) which are the majority of the remains found.   Iron is a metal that is harder, stronger and keeps an edge better than bronze and was an ideal material for improving weapons and armour as well as ploughs. Roman period of occupation (43 to 410 AD ) , when the area contained a village and a series of farmsteads These were linked by trackways through the

School Places 2019

l Central Beds Council is urging people who applied for places in their schools this year to check the offer they have been given. The Council say that if you made an application for your child to start school or transfer to middle school in September, the outcome can now be checked. For pupils starting a lower or primary school in September: 3,461 pupils applied for a place 95 per cent have been granted their first preference. 90 per cent of applications were made online For pupils transferring to a middle school in September: 2,319 pupils applied to transfer 93 per cent were offered their first preference 95 per cent of applications were made online Anyone who applied online should have now received an email with their offer - -check your spam folders if you have not seen it yet. Alternatively, all online applicants can log into their account to view the outcome of their application. If you applied by paper application form, a decision letter will be posted to

Work Starts On New Warehouses near J11A, M1

Panattoni start work on new warehouses near J11A, M1 Panattoni , the world’s largest speculative logistics developer, has begun development on Panattoni Park, near Houghton Regis. This new speculative warehouse development is located on the southern M1, immediately adjacent to the newly built junction 11A. Winvic Construction secured this assignment,  recently breaking ground on the £80m industrial development.  The development consists of two units, one of 345,000 sq ft and one of 69,000 sq ft. The £80 million development consists of two units. Luton 345 has a haunch height of 15m, and offers 345,000 sq ft of space and an additional 13,500 sq ft of offices over two floors. The second warehouse, Luton 69, is 69,000 sq ft, 13.1m in height and provides 7,700 sq ft of office space. Winvic will also be carrying out the associated civil and infrastructure work, including car and lorry parking, both Luton 69 and Luton 345 will be completed in December. Winvic Director, Da

Houghton Regis Candidates for Central Bedfordshire Council - Feedback

Last week I wrote to almost all the candidates due to take part in the elections for Central Bedfordshire Council standing in Houghton Regis , and pointed out that I was hoping for a response by the evening of 11th April. In all, there are 19 candidates. The messages were sent via email or Messenger. Total responses received 2. Although the response is dismal, there are mitigating circumstances: 1. I didn't have a contact point directly for 3 candidates, but I did ask that their 'party' colleagues would pass the message onto them. 2. At this time, the candidates may also be very busy leafleting, canvassing, working full or part-time or even running a busy household. And they would have to consider the value of responding to my request versus their valuable time. In the future, if elected, they would have a chunky pile of Council papers to read, and meetings to attend, sometimes going on all day long. They will have considered that they will probably need to dev

Bellway reaches £1 million fundraising target for cancer charity

National housebuilder Bellway has reached an impressive milestone in its fundraising work for a leading cancer charity – hitting a total of £1 million. Since Cancer Research UK was announced as Bellway’s nominated charity in 2016, staff across the country have worked hard to raise money for the worthy cause. The team at Bellway Northern Home Counties, which has its divisional head office in Milton Keynes, has played its part in the fundraising efforts by running go-karting events, hosting a Diwali feast, a staff Christmas raffle and more. A total of £45,777 has been raised by the division over the last two years, which has then been matched by Bellway’s head office in Newcastle upon Tyne. The combined efforts of Bellway’s staff across the country means that the £1 million fundraising target has been hit six months earlier than expected. Left to right : Bellway’s Rob Morcombe, Chris Edginton, David Thomas and Paul Smits Paul Smits, Managing Director for Bellway Nor

Tilsworth man fined over smoke nuisance

A man from Tilsworth has been ordered to pay fines of over £2,300 this month after he repeatedly lit bonfires despite being served with a legal notice to stop. Following complaints from neighbouring residents, Central Bedfordshire Council investigated and served an abatement notice on Mr John Price of Dunstable Road in Tilsworth. An abatement notice is a legal document that requires someone to stop what they are doing if the council considers it a nuisance. The notice was issued by Central Bedfordshire Council in July 2018. However, Mr Price ignored this and continued to regularly light bonfires: even in the lead up to his court case, he was still seen lighting bonfires on 20 separate occasions. Mr Price who failed to attend Luton Magistrates’ Court on 26 March was found guilty in his absence and was ordered to pay costs of £2,337. Jeanette Keyte, Head of Community Safety, Parking and Programmes at Central Bedfordshire Council, said: “I would like to remind residents tha

Signature Flatbread's Continues To Invest Despite Brexit Uncertainty

l Signature Flatbreads has sent a message of stability amidst the uncertainty of Brexit by pledging significant financial investment, with the company: committing to improve staff wages by moving to the Real Living Wage; increasing production with the implementation of two new lines; and creating new jobs. Signature Flatbreads will be voluntarily raising the wage rate of its factory workers from the National Living Wage of £8.21 per hour set by the government to the Real Living Wage of £9 per hour. The significant investment made by the company demonstrates a desire to offer more certainty and stability to staff at a time when it is needed most. The UK’s leading flatbread producer will also create approximately 50 new UK jobs due to an expansion in capacity at the Dunstable site, following the introduction of two new production lines. Signature Flatbreads supplies flatbreads such as tortilla wraps, pitta and naan bread to the UK’s major retailers and foodservice operators

Local Government Elections 2019 - Candidates for Houghton Regis

Elections are being held on Thursday 2nd May 2019 to elect a new Council for Central Bedfordshire (CBC). At the same time, a new Council will be elected to serve Houghton Regis Town Council (HRTC). Who can vote? In England, anyone over the age of 18 and one of the following, is eligible to vote in May 2018: a British citizen living in the UK a qualifying Commonwealth citizen living in the UK a citizen of the Republic of Ireland living in the UK a European Union citizen living in the UK someone registered to vote as a Crown Servant someone registered to vote as a service voter Poll card delivery: 5 April until 9 April 2019 Last date for registration: 12 April 2019. Registering to vote is quick and easy. You  can register to vote here Last date for postal vote applications to be received by 5pm on 15 April 2019 Last date for proxy applications to be received by 5pm on 24 April 2019 Polling day: 2 May 2019 Votes counted: 3 May 2019 Nominations The nom

Search for Houghton Winner of Brand New Car

The winner of a brand new car probably lives in Houghton Regis, but so far the organisers of the event have not been able to identify exactly who is the winner. And the closing date for claims is today. Raffle tickets for the four-door saloon car were sold at various events in the county in the past 12 months and the buyer's addresses were written on the back. The draw took place last week at a prestigious event in Mags Lane, Bedfordshire, but the address was given on the back of the winning ticket as just "Houghton Regis". The perplexed organisers have appealed to local media to help to try and find the lucky winner. Albert Ross told HRND, "We chose this Mags Lane for the draw event because it was in the middle of nowhere in particular. Funnily enough, it reminded us of the Bermuda Triangle, and considering what has happened, it might as well have been." Mags Lane, Bedfordshire   Dozens of planes and hundreds of ships have met their demise in th

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