Labour Manifesto for Central Bedfordshire - Elections in May

Labour have issued their manifesto for Central Bedfordshire.

The Labour Party say in their 2019 Manifesto that they will prepare the way for the Council to be working with a progressive Labour Government led by Jeremy Corbyn. Labour are planning to contest all wards in Central Bedfordshire. You can download a full copy of their manifesto here.

Elections for Central Bedfordshire Council take place on 2nd May.  You can only vote in local elections on Thursday 2 May if your name appears in the register of electors and if you are aged 18 or over on polling day. The deadline to submit application forms to register to vote is midnight on Friday,12 April. You can register to vote online and it only takes a few seconds.

The Labour Party manifesto emphasises that all of its pledges and policy commitments will be dependent on a Labour Council being prepared to make tough but fair political and financial choices.

The manifesto says they will seek to involve local people in its decision making and in reviewing both policy and operational performance.

In its criticism of the Conservatives running of the Council, it says "has cut deeper than even the Conservative Government required" and "done so in ways that have often disproportionally affected the most vulnerable and younger children".

On the environment, it says, "We would recognise and take action in response to the Climate Emergency." and lists many measures showing how it would do this.

In the economy section, the manifesto points to implementing the Real Living Wage and ending “zero hour” and similar contracts.

Labour want to address homelessness.

On Planning, Labour will "use the proposed area committees to shape local planning and involve town and parish councils more actively and effectively than is currently the case".

On Adult Social Care, Labour wants to end competitive market tendering and "take most services back into public management".

Labour is committed to restoring Sure Start centres and services delivered both by the Council and in partnership with schools, and the voluntary and community sector groups.

On recycling, Labour hope to be, "extending the range of items and forms of separation of materials that can be recycled through the household collections".

The Party would promote less reliance on cars, encourage more cycling and greater use of public transport. Labour says the cycle network is fragmented, and they want to fill in the gaps and expand cycle networks.

On speed, Labour would "extend 20mph speed restrictions in all residential areas."

Libraries - "Labour will endeavour to ensure that there are no library closures unless there is local popular demand for change."

Leisure centres - "bring all leisure centres under Council management".

Environmental health - "crack down on businesses which were not meeting their legal obligations."

Betting - "reduce and control the proliferation of betting shops across local high streets"

You can download a full copy of the Labour Party manifesto
for Central Bedfordshire manifesto.