Homelessness: Help Improve Services By Sharing Your Experiences

Central Bedfordshire Council is asking for people who have experienced homelessness or the threat of homelessness and used their services to give feedback about their experience to help improve the support offered. You may have spoken to someone in the council’s Housing Options team, had an assessment or used the triage service - if so, they want to hear from you.

There are many reasons why someone might become homeless, it could be as a result of a relationship breakdown, a landlord selling the property they are renting or the loss of income and no longer being able to afford the rent or mortgage.

When most people think of homelessness they think of people sleeping rough on the streets but there are also people that do not have a permanent place to live that are not so visible. Many people ‘sofa surf’, that is they sleep on a friend’s sofa in order to avoid sleeping on the streets.

Helping people get back on their feet isn’t always just about providing accommodation, it can include help with finding a job, mediation to enable families to stay together or tackling health issues.

The information from those who have experienced homelessness or the threat of homelessness will be used to help develop a Homelessness and Rough Sleeper Strategy later in the year.

You have until 5pm, 12 April 2019 to complete the survey, and you can do so at www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/consultations

Cllr Carole Hegley, Executive Member for Adults, Social Care and Housing Operations said: “Becoming homeless can happen to anyone at any time in their life.  It can be a very distressing time and a time when you need support, that’s why we want to hear from people who have used our services. We want to make sure the support we offer is the best it can be.

“I’d urge anyone who has experiences to share to take part in the survey. What you say could help change services and support other people at a time when they most need it.”

Photos: CCO, pexels.com