CBC Sells Off Over £47m of Assets


In a major collaborative investigation with HuffPost UK and regional journalists across the country, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has compiled data on more than 12,000 public spaces disposed of by councils since 2014/15. They found that councils raised a total of £9.1 billion from selling property.

The investigation has found:

– One in six councils in England have used a total of £381million from sales of buildings and land to pay for cost-cutting since April 2016

– Almost a third of that – £115million – was spent on pay-offs to make people redundant

Here, in Central Bedfordshire, the sell-off has amounted to £47m.

Included n the sale was:

Thorn Turn Range, Located in Houghton Regis Parish, sold for £24,535,140.  Date of disposal 02/03/2018.

Lower Wilbury Farm (Cox) Wilbury,  near Letchworth Garden City, sold for £12,000,000. Date of disposal 08/02/2017.

Former Middle Farm Plot 5B  between Biggleswade and Dunton, sold for £4,570,726. Date of disposal 31/08/2017.

Caddington Hall between Markyate and Slip End sold for £1,300,000. Date of disposal 29/03/2017.

Former Shefford Lower School sold for £1,000,000. Date of disposal 28/06/2017.

Duck End Farm Buildings at Maulden sold for £545,000. Date of disposal 31/03/2016.

52 Northwood End Road near Haynes sold for £406,000. Date of disposal 17/03/2016.

Revelstoke located near Flitwick, sold for £400,000. Date of disposal 04/03/2016.

The above sales and additional sales of lower value can be found on this plotted map.

The Huffington Post reported on 04/03/2019, “The findings lay bare the spiralling impact of eight successive years of austerity, leaving services shut and buildings closed. Councils have been forced to take ever more desperate measures to stay in the black as their funding from central government has been cut by about 60% since 2010.”