Make A Difference In Your Community As A PCSO

Bedfordshire Police are recruiting Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), and are inviting people from across the area to apply.

Applications are currently open, and candidates are encouraged to complete an online application form before the closing date of Sunday 11 November.

Successful applicants must be effective communicators with excellent interpersonal skills and the desire to make a difference in people's lives.

Inspector Mo Aziz said: “PCSOs play a vital role in the communities in which they serve. They help build links between our communities and the force and get involved in long-term and proactive crime prevention initiatives.

“Our PCSOs work closely with partners and community organisations to address issues like anti-social behaviour, to deliver crime prevention advice and provide visible reassurance to the communities of Bedfordshire.”

PCSOs undertake an initial seven-week training course which is classroom-based but involves practical exercises, too. During this course, they receive a law and legislation input that is relevant to their role. There are knowledge checks before they go on patrol.

All PCSO training programmes will run for seven weeks in total, from 1st April 2018.

Apply Here. Closing Date  11 November 2018

Can a PCSO restrain you?

As with police officers, a PCSO cannot stop you on the street and request your details on a whim. They must have a valid reason for asking for your name and address, insofar that they believe you have committed or (are about to commit) an offence.

However, you are under no obligation to answer. But the PCSO may alert a police officer who could arrest you for failing to comply if they believe you have committed an offence.

Do you get paid for being a PCSO?

Pay for police community support officers (PCSOs) varies from force to force, in Bedfordshire it's 
£19,719, and rising steadily as you gain experience.

PCSOs receive a wide range of benefits, including a fair and inclusive promotion policy, flexible working hours and more.

What are the powers of a PCSO?

PCSO powers vary between forces. The powers of PCSOs mainly stem from the Police Reform Act 2002, and every PCSO since 2007 has a number of standard powers that were introduced for all PCSOs regardless of which force they belong to. This is in addition to the discretionary powers that can be designated by the chief constable or commissioner of each PCSO's respective force.