Display of Local Images & Memorabilia from World War One

The Houghton Hall Park Visitor Centre
in Partnership with 
Houghton Regis Heritage Society 
present a 
Display of Local Images 
Memorabilia from WWI
at the Visitor Centre,
Park Rd North, Houghton Regis
6th—16th November 2018

World War I, also known as the first World War or The Great War, was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from the 28th of July 1914 to the 11th November 1918.

Socially and politically it was described as the “war to end all wars”, more than 70 million personnel, including 60 million Europeans, were mobilised in one of the largest wars in history.

It has been estimated that 9 million combatants and 7 million civilians died as a direct result of the war. The Great War was considered a contributory factor to many genocides — the wholesale massacre of people — and to the 1918 influenza epidemic which caused 50 to 100 million deaths worldwide.

Military losses were made worse by new technological and industrial developments and tactical stalemate caused by gruelling trench warfare.

It was one of the deadliest conflicts in human history and brought about major political changes, including the Revolutions of 1917—1923, in many of the nations involved.

Unresolved rivalries at the end of the conflict contributed to the start of the Second World War, another global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945.