264 Dwellings Scheme for Bellway Homes Submitted

Back in November 2015, outline planning was granted for a residentially led, mixed-use development of up to 1,850 dwellings on the site dubbed HRN2, situated between the Chalk Pit, Bedford Road, and the A5.

Now, under plan CB/18/03530/RM, documents have been submitted seeking detailed permission for 264 new dwellings on plots of land within HRN2, on either side of Thorn Fam, on the northern side of Thorn Road. Known as Parcel 3 and Parcel 4, the plots are sandwiched between Thorn Road and the new A5 dual carriageway. Under the overall HRN2 scheme the plots will be in close proximity to a new primary school and a new local centre.

The locations are marked on the unofficial zoomable Houghton Regis Places Map, compiled by HRND editor, Alan Winter.

Images below are indicative of the view a motorist might have while travelling along Thorn Road and looking to the North (in one continuing view), after construction. At the moment, the view is of open fields.

The developer will be Bellway Homes. In time, they will be required by CBC to produce a Construction Management Plan which will set out their proposed hours of working, construction phasing, haul route etc. It will also set out proposals for communicating issues and/or critical stages or periods of significant vehicular movement to site. Fortunately, the proximity of the A5 and M1 link means there should be no need for construction traffic to move through the town centre, which is usually the most concerning part of the initial works on sites.

Allotments proposed in this application area have been relocated to the linear open space north of the employment parcel, as agreed with the Local Authority.

Development scale is predominantly 2 storey with focal buildings in key locations proposed at 2 ½ storey or 3 storey. The homes include a range of measures to both adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

The Design and Compliance statement says, "Development of land at Parcel 3 and Parcel 4 will make a positive contribution to the character of the wider development and that of Houghton Regis. The applicants have shown through successive pre-application meetings with Central Bedfordshire Council that the scheme is of high quality and accordance with the Design Code and regulating plan for Bidwell West. This document has shown how the proposal responds to the design criteria set out in the approved Masterplan and Design Code and provides the opportunity to develop a high-quality sustainable scheme which follows current best practice development and urban design principles."

The Design and Compliance  Statement is dated 17.9.18 and is worth a read as it answers many of the questions that might arise. Download here.

All the documents are to be found on the CBC website under CB/18/03530/RM

Any comments? Please quote CB/18/03530/RM , emailing the case officer Martin Plummer. Tel: 0300 300 4240 - planning.online@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk

If you are interested in local planning matters, there is a planning group associated with Houghton Regis News Desk on Facebook, Houghton Regis Planning Applications

(Report 11Oct2018 A D Winter)