Lib Dems: Brexit is not going well, say the people of Central Bedfordshire

An overwhelming 80% of people surveyed by Liberal Democrats teams in Barton-le-Clay and Houghton Regis on Saturday (September 8) and Sandy (on September 1) say Brexit is going badly. And 61% believe that the British people should be offered a final say on the deal.

 Joe Bordas, Central Bedfordshire Lib Dems’ Brexit Lead said “In an area that voted very narrowly to leave in the 2016 referendum, this is a striking change in views. Now people know more about the prospects for Britain outside the EU, and can see that the government is not proving capable of coming up with a workable deal that’s good for Britain, people want a chance to vote on the actual terms.”

“A sizeable minority of people don't want another vote, despite thinking Brexit isn't going well. But given the likely adverse effect of Brexit on jobs and on the functioning of NHS, an overall majority now want a people's vote on the final deal,” says Joe.

Lib Dems: survey in Bedford Square, Houghton Regis on Saturday

Lib Dems: Survey in Barton-le-Clay

The LibDem groups surveyed people from a stall in the three centres, inviting locals to give their views on a special Brexitometer. “It was a great chance to find out what people are really thinking about how Brexit is now being handled,” says Joe.

Most (55%) people said that they did not believe Brexit would be good for jobs. Even more (58%) did not believe it would be good for the NHS, sending a strong message to those who lied about £350 million extra for the NHS, which was painted on the side of the Brexit bus, and is now totally discredited.

“Theresa May’s Tories have made a complete mess of the negotiations,” says Joe. “The politicians who pushed for Brexit have no plan and their lies have been exposed.”

“May must stop driving the country towards the edge of a cliff and give the people a Final Say,” says Joe. “The people of Central Beds want the chance to avoid a disastrous Brexit.”