Kingsland - "A PR stunt that's gone wrong" - Says Local Councillor

Parkside's CBC Cllr Antonia Ryan appeared on BBC Look East last night talking about the lack of progress on the Kingsland site.

Cllr Ryan said "The plans were, we should have a brand new sports facility, an education piece, also a creche for children, We would have seen with this regeneration project, the Legacy, 1300 homes, which would be social homes, in Houghton Regis, which is very much needed for this community."

Two years on, nothing has happened. Antonia went onto say "We've not heard anything from them. It feels like, to me, they've turned their back on us because it was a PR stunt that's gone wrong."

The BBC reporter said that Legacy remained fully committed to this development.

Cllr James Jamieson, leader of Central Beds Council said, "...we will have affordable homes... this is a 20-year project of renewal."

Cllr Toni Ryan, Parkside, encouraged Cllr Nigel Young to say what was happening at the KIngsland Site in July 2018 Listen to a recording of the exchange in Council: MP3 Link

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