Second Hand Shop Opened At Waste Centre

By Alan D Winter

A reuse shop at the council’s new Household Waste Recycling Centre at Angels is now open for business. The shop, which is open seven days a week from 9am-5pm including bank holidays, sells those items taken into the council’s recycling centres which can be reused. 

According to  Central Bedfordshire Council the reused items go towards the authority's recycling targets and help boost the overall amount of waste that’s reused, recycled and composted. All items for sale have been collected either directly from Angels site at Thorn, or from one of the council’s other waste recycling centre sites in Ampthill, Biggleswade and Leighton Buzzard.

The range of reusable materials being sold include bicycles, bags, luggage, clothing, shoes, soft furnishings and furniture (with valid fire safety labels), children’s games and toys, along with sports equipment including golf clubs and bags, CDs, DVDs, books, clocks, pictures, mirrors, jewellery, garden furniture and tools.

The Council are saying that residents who want to donate an item should let a staff member know at any one of the council’s Waste Recycling Centres. All items must be in good condition and safe to use. These items will then be taken to the Angel's reuse shop.

Councillor Budge Wells, Deputy Executive Member for Community Services at Central Bedfordshire Council, said: “Reuse shops are extremely popular for the public who want to grab a pre-loved bargain, and our shop at Thorn Turn is already proving to be a success.”

If you've read this far, you're probably wondering why the name Angel's? Well, it's historic, and a nod to Houghton Regis' Parish Heritage. The name goes back centuries, and it's a bit of a mystery why the local authority didn't know about Houghton's local history when they came up with their own spurious name.

The name is as clear as day on the 1762 Survey Map of the parish. Potentially part of the waste site was also known as The Great Meadow.

The reuse shop is located at Thorn Turn Angel's Household Waste Recycling Centre, Grendall Lane, Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire, LU5 6GJ.

For full details on what items can and can’t be accepted at the reuse shop, visit CBC's information page