Eastern Woodland of Park Needs Volunteers to Help Weed it.

Volunteers will soon be clearing comfrey and hogweed from around the sculpture in the Eastern Woodland of Houghton Hall Park. 

The metal pattern buried into the ground is always a talking point when strangers walk around the eastern wood for the first time. The precise origin of the sculpture and its significance is unknown, so if you are able to enlighten us all, or spin a plausible yarn, please contact HRND.

The comfrey is currently around 5 ft tall, and these autumnal pictures show how it ought to look.

Another task that needs doing is the hand-pulling of nettles and comfrey from the other side of the path.

The volunteer organiser of Friends of Houghton Hall Park will be providing tools to make the task easier and the usual tea, coffee and snacks will be provided.  There is plenty to clear, and volunteers are requested to bring a packed lunch if staying from 10.am until till 3pm.  The group meet at 10am in the car park as usual, on Sunday, July 1st.

To join in with the volunteers please contact:
Jamie Proud
The Greensand Trust
Tel:  01525 840 191
Duty Mobile: 07511 702 357