Incredible Shrinking Pi

The April 2018 issue of the Bedfordshire Educationalist newsletter contains an article claiming that the senior education chiefs in the county voted last year to change the value of the mathematical constant pi from 3.14159 to the 'Biblical value' of 3.0.

In some ways Pi (π) is a really straightforward number – calculating Pi simply involves taking any circle and dividing its circumference by its diameter.


The article mentions that a professor in Mathematics at the University of Bedfordshire has started receiving hundreds of calls from people protesting about the ruling. The article explains that physicist Mark Boslough had noticed that the value of Pi has been gradually shrinking as the value of the £ has reduced. He noticed a particularly sharp drop in Pi following the EU referendum.

Pi (π) is the first number we learn about at school where we can’t write it as an exact decimal - it is a mysterious number which has digits which should go on forever and has fascinated people for thousands of years.